Friday, January 02, 2004


At work today I managed by myself. I have done this before but usually there are two of us on at a time. All was well, then we got busy and the kitchen supervisor became an ass. When my boss came in at 5pm I was so bothered by this jerk that I had to mention it to him. You see, I manage one to two times a week and I guess because I was by myself this jerk thought he didn't have to listen to me and I felt pretty crappy. Ok, so he isn't a jerk but he sure acted like one today. I felt so yucky that I wanted to tell Ted, my boss, that forget it - I don't want to manage anymore. But luckily J.T. was there. He talked with me and made it all better. By the time I left I was fine. This part time managing thing is hard-its hard to be equal with your friends/co-workers 80% of the time and then be their boss the other 20% of the time. I guess this is just another learning experience that I shouldn't take so close to heart.

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