Saturday, January 31, 2004

I had a dream...

...not a great dream like Martin Luther King Jr., but a freakin' scary dream. I have never had such a dream. I dreamt that I was going to be married. I was getting ready, the day before the big day. Making sure I had everything. I had forgotten my nylons and my hubby-to-be walked in. We embraced and I told him I needed to go to the store. My mom comes in and says to the hubby-to-be that he shouldn't be here and its bad luck for him to see me the day before the wedding. I laugh and say that is silly. I don't believe in those sorts of things, I believe in the Lord only. Anyway, my hubby-to-be is in the SUV with Skye and says come on lets go to the store. He has a standard and I have no clue how to drive one but he insists that I drive. I tell him he has to come with me. So anyway, I close the door and it seems as though I am doing well at driving standard. I start to pick up speed. We come to a hill my speed increases, we fly over the hill. We not only fly over it but we start doing flips. We are screaming, and seriously this feels so real! We scream and scream and then the car stops. I don't think I am dead but I feel like I am on the line between life and death and when I look at him and my daughter, they are not moving. I wake up, and am frightened. I just called the guy, because I actually know the one in the dream and check on my daughter. They are doing just fine. Holy that was scary. I seriously thought I was dying and two people I love were dead!! Thank God it was only a dream, I mean nightmare!!!

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