Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is my birthday. Last month I thought turning 28 would be like dying a horrible death but today and the few days leading up to my birthday I've been thinking that I was just a bit crazy to think such a thing. :-) It's not the end of the world, and it's not the end of anything. As always, your birthday comes and goes. There are just so many things that I want to do by the time I reach 30 and its a bit scary to know that I am now only two years away from reaching that point.

And I got a great present from the Ministry of Transportation. Not only do I have to get my license plate renewed at $72, but I also have to get my driver's license renewed, which is another $50. So, once again I thank the Government. Actually it's not that bad. It is a luxury to be able to drive and have a car so I am grateful.

Family is coming over today for dinner and cake. Life is good. God is good. Actually God is awesome, faithful, true, loving, merciful and kind. I couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Today at church.

I went to church today. I haven't been to church in over a month. My mom, Skye, Matthew and I went. I was surprised when I asked my mom if she'd like to go and she actually said yes. I didn't show her I was surprised but inside I was jumping for joy.

The worship time was so great. At first, I felt like laughing and then I felt like crying. It was awesome. I could feel the Spirit working. Awesome, I tell ya! Skye couldn't wait to go to the Flight Krew(children's ministry) and Matthew cried when he found out I wasn't staying with him in the Lion's Den(toddler area of Noah's Ark). So, for the rest of the service he hung out with Nana and Mommy.

When Skye came down from Flight Krew she was so happy. Her first question was 'Are we coming back next Sunday?' When I told her that we were she was literally jumping with arms raised. It was quite cute.

On our way home, I was listening to the kids play in the back of the car and they always play games and such. Today they wanted to play Jesus and then Peter Pan. Which is quite amazing seeing as they always want to play Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Jesus was first today. Yippee!!!

I am very much looking forward to church next Sunday.

Friday, May 28, 2004

St. Timothy

Skye has a research project she has to do for school. Judging by the title of this blog, you would have guessed right if you said it was on St. Timothy. So, while she was off doing her French homework, I figured I would help her by researching it on the net. There is so little that I found. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places or the wrong search engines but all that seems to come up on the subject are churches with the same name. I did get a little bit of a bio but I was hoping that there would be more. It is so frustrating sometimes, that is, research. Sometimes just going to the library makes more sense. Anybody know of a site or two on St. Timothy?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

A trip with Skye.

I've decided where I am taking Skye this summer. I'm taking her on our first canoe trip. We will be heading to the great outdoors, Algonquin Provincial Park. I went there two years ago, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Most of the park has been untouched by man. Nature paradise. I want to have my daughter experience God in the raw of nature. To be awed by his creation. I am excited about this bonding trip with Skye and its less then two months away. :-)

Old couples.

I see old couples and I see my parents (who are not that old)but have been married 33 years come this June. These married couples have lived with each other for more years than I can imagine living with someone. Some still hold hands, some still look madly in love, some don't even sleep in the same bedrooms anymore. But living with someone for the better part of your life must be amazing, in both good and bad ways I'm sure. When one of them passes on, they must lose a big part of themselves.

(In case you are wondering what brought this on, both Randall's grandparents passed away within a few days of each other.)

I see my aunt Marie. She is pretty old. She is still her grumpy self. She lost her husband, my uncle, a few years ago now. She stayed at my house last week for the wedding and to look at her now is sad. Not only did she lose her husband of a billion years, which was a shock to all of us, but shortly after that she lost most of her sight, most of her hearing, and her toes on her left foot from diabetes. She sold her beautiful lake front property in the country that she had shared with her hubby since they moved out of Toronto in the 70's. She is a strong woman and I guess she refuses to let go. But I see the sadness in her, even though she tries to hide it. I feel it when she is around. I miss uncle George and I only saw him a few weeks out of the year, every year.

I have heard that some couples, after being together for so long, if they lose their other half they too soon die. I have been heart broken but I can never imagine losing the person that has completed my life for centuries. (Just so you know, I am talking about married couples who have been together for 30, 40, 50+ years) I couldn't even see my parents functioning properly without one another. It really does take both of them to complete each other. The bible says two become one. People try to change that meaning nowadays but it is true. The bible says it!

I just wish that I will one day find that one special person, that we can become one. And if after being with each other for centuries, if God permits, one of us should pass on, I would hope that God would take us together or really close in time, like Randall's grandparents. What's more beautiful then to die because of a broken heart. Ok, that's the Shakespeare, romantic woman brain that I have. :-)So, what?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Best features.

Last night I was on the net and ran into a survey about knowing oneself. I found that it wasn't so much about knowing yourself but it got me wondering what people actually do think of me.

One of the questions asked what I thought was my best feature. I thought for awhile and came up with my smile. I find it addictive. It's funny, because when I was in grade school, even in high school, I found myself hiding it with my hand all the time, I even used to hold in my laugh. Weird eh? Now, it seems that is all I ever do, that is, smile and laugh and no I don't hide it anymore. Laughter is addictive and being positive is contagious. Although I don't always seem so on my blog, nine times out of ten I am happy.

Anyway, I asked Rose, a girl I work with and talk with all the time, what she thought my best feature was and she totally blew me away. She said my heart. She said my heart and kindness shines through whenever I talk. I had never expected an answer like that but I was totally like wow, when she said that. I melted just a little bit.

I asked Kelly and she said my teeth. She said even before she was studying to be a dental hygienist she thought I had great teeth. She also said that I have an amazing attention span. She said that whenever I talk my eyes are only on those I am talking with or listening too. Owen said that it was my smile. He said it was warm.

They then started talking about my personality and they had nothing but good things to say. This is a relief as I think sometimes I am an ass. :-)

I also found it funny that when I asked some of the guys and girls a multiple choice question the guys always said the same thing and the girls always said the same thing but they were different answers. I think the question is silly and I think I have a little bit of everything in me and more. The question was Are you: energetic, outgoing, shy, mellow, funny or none of the above? The guys said shy. The girls said outgoing. I didn't realize that I acted differently around the opposite sex. Even the people that I hang with. I know that I have both in me I just didn't see myself actually acting different.

You know, you don't always care what people think about you but when you find out that most of it is in a positive light it brings a little joy to my heart.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Randall Friesen.

I just wanted to put out a prayer request for Randall Friesen. His grandfather just passed away, his grandmother is in the hospital because of a stroke, he has a big family, a church to run, one of his members is in the hospital battling cancer etc... He just has a lot to deal with right now and any prayers you can bring his way would be wonderful.

Southern Gospel

I went out with Melissa tonight. It was great to spend time with her. We went out for dinner at a new Thai restaurant. I don't think that I have tasted Thai before, she didn't think she had either. Besides me sending back my food (due to mushrooms) it was pretty good. I think I will go back, except next time I really hope they remember not to put mushrooms near me :-).

After dinner we went back to her place. We ended up renting a movie, 'The Fighting Temptations'. Now, it wasn't that great of a movie but Southern Gospel, WOW!!! It really moved me. I really wish that we were that enthusiastic in church as they are in the south. My father, when he did go to church back in the day, said that the church he and my mom attended was like that. Only the evening service was amazing gospel music so they only attended at night.

Does anyone know of a church in the GTA that has music that moves? A church I used to attend 'The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship' has music that moves. Not gospel but just as good. I think I need to come back to life. Music moves the soul. And I'm feeling the 'itch' to be moved by the Spirit. If that even makes sense. God please move in me, stir my soul, make me have passion for you that I once had, make it stronger. I think its time to go back to TACF. Its been too long. It's funny but no matter what church I seem to attend, I always end up back at that one.

Friday, May 21, 2004

What I did when I was fifteen.

When I was fifteen years old I did something really stupid. I got a tattoo. At first I hid it from everyone and the only people who knew about it were my cousin (who was with me) and her mom. Eventually my sister saw it when I was getting out of the shower and one day while was she was getting in trouble, she ratted on me. It wasn't done very well and the tattoo artist didn't even have all the colours to fill it in. So, I have been stuck with this thing on my back for 12 years now. I decided that I either need to get it covered which costs over one thousand dollars or get it redone. My friend Jaime has an artist she goes to and she took me to see how much it would cost. Long story short: On Wednesday I got my tattoo redone for eighty dollars and it looks awesome. My back is hurting a bit today. It almost feels like I've pulled a muscle. But in about two weeks it should be completely healed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Commenting with Blogger

OK, so I am using Blogger's commenting system and I just realized that you either have to be a blogger user or post anonymously. How stupid is that? It gives you three options when setting up comments: 1. Only registered users 2. Anyone 3. Only members of the blog can comment. Of course, I picked number 2 but just looking at the comments you still have to be a member of the blogger program or post anonymously. Who would want to post anonymously? And hello, not everyone wants to be a member of your web program. What is up with that? I don't know, maybe I should switch back to Haloscan. Only thing is, for some of the services that you get with Blogger you actually have to pay with Haloscan.

P.S. If anyone wishes to comment and they are not Blogger users please put your name at the bottom of your comment. Thank you in advance.

Monday, May 17, 2004


I signed up for our work baseball team. I missed the first game, which was last week, but went to our second game tonight. I was a little apprehensive about joining because I haven't played ball since college and that was only an intramural league. I was fine while warming up and caught everything that came my way but when it was time to hit the field I got cold feet. We ended up losing but I am so glad that I joined. I had a lot of fun, much more then if I stayed home. I did much better than I had thought, which is always good. :-) And the co-workers who joined the team are all great people. I am looking forward to our game next Monday. I am predicting we will do much better because today a lot of my teammates were at a golf tourny all day and were quite exhausted, burned and just a little buzzed.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Jen and Mark's wedding!

I waited last minute on Friday to look for shoes to go with my outfit that I had bought for Saturday's wedding. I went to Square One, which is only the largest shopping mall in Ontario, and I did not come away with anything. I was exhausted and my feet were swollen from all the walking and going into every single shoe store we could find.

Luckily on Saturday morning I went to Heartland Centre. The first shoe store I entered, I found the shoes. It felt so good to finally be done and actually get something I liked but also frustrating because if I had just went there the day before I would have been set and without the headache.

And to top it off, I went to see 'Troy' at the theatre on Friday. Now 7 of us went and we were extremely excited to finally watch this film. Just as the movie previews were about to start the rolling stopped. 15min later the manager comes in and tells us that they were having problems with the projector and that the movie should be up and running in 15min. Only, another 15min later he comes in and says that the bulb will not work for the projector and he gave the packed theatre 2 courtesy passes to come and see it again and to see another film. It was good that we got free passes but we were so looking forward to seeing the film. Boo Woo!!

So, last night I went to Jen and Mark's wedding. And it was absolutely gorgeous. Her dress was one of the best dresses I had ever seen. And the hall was just beautifully decorated. It seemed that we all had an awesome time. It felt great to do some dancing and socializing with family member's I hadn't seen in a long while or had just met. Jen married an Irishman so you know with my family and the Irish it had to be fun. :-)

I will be posting pictures on my fotopage soon. So stay tuned.

Monday, May 10, 2004


When we moved into our new house back in December we found rose bushes in our front walkway. We didn't know that when spring hit and the snow went away that no one had taken care of the roses for what seemed like years. The whole area was covered with weeds. My mom asked my sister to help because she has a green thumb and both my mom and I do not. But after waiting weeks for Mary to help, my mom started pulling weeds today. I ended up taking over and finally after a hard days work, the garden looks rather nice.

I never realized how much work gardening is, until now, of course! But I actually like manual labour. It's rewarding. And the sun was shining. The weather was so beautiful today. It ended up reaching a high of 28 degrees Celsius. I guess I did pick a good day to take off work.

Except now Matthew is sick. He had a high fever this evening. When a three year old only wants to lie down and rest you know that there is something wrong. Hopefully he will sleep the whole night through.

I hope I will sleep well too, except every time I close my eyes all I see are weeds and bugs. ewwwww!! You really should have seen the size of some of those worms and potato bugs and what I think were beetles or looked just as gross!!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Changed my site.

I changed my site tonight. When I went to sign into Blogger, they had revamped the site. They added and changed some things. So, I checked some things out and liked some of the changes and ended up with this. I like it, for now. I am not 100% set on it. But who is when it comes to change. :-) Hope you like it as well. Let me know your opinion.

I also changed the comments from Haloscan because Blogger has a new option which includes sending me a message via email when I receive a comment. You had to pay for that feature in Haloscan.

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend almost the whole family went up to my uncle's home in Walkerton, Ontario. I am sure everyone has heard of that place by now. It was my aunt's birthday and my uncle threw a surprise party for her. I missed the jump out and surprise part because I had to wait in the city to get Matthew from his dad, but I heard that she was so surprised and she cried. Its so great when one cries over joyous things. We had a great time. Matthew and Skye didn't want to come home. We stayed over night and came home today.

For mother's day, I took my children out for lunch. And my sister made my mom dinner. We were all up in Walkerton except my sister and her family so she started on dinner. Not long after we got home it was ready. Nice day overall. Thank you Mary for dinner. And Shannon, seeing as he really did most of the cooking. :-)

Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

King Arthur

I have always been a huge fan of King Arthur and such and from the first day that I heard about this movie they already had me. But seeing this second, longer, trailer just makes me want to see it even more, if that were even possible. So, for all you King Arthur fans, or for those who should be, here is the link to see the trailer. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Leafs are out, Flames are rockin'!

Ok, so game 5 really truly sucked. But game 6 was intense. You can't say that they didn't have enough chances. The third period was quite awesome. Another near heart attack experience. But its all over. Boo Who!! But hope is not over for Canada. The Flames are rockin'. They played an awesome game last night. Won 1-0 in OT. So, now you will hear(read) me say(write) GO FLAMES GO!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Feeling much better.

Today is a much better day then the last few days. Wow, I don't know what came over me. Thank goodness I don't feel so bummed today. I guess, I hope, we all go through those days sometimes and I came to a boiling point. Getting it out on paper(computer) really does make me feel better. I am a writer and I can't always express myself out loud. Paper is my venting of choice. I know that my first step on the road of freedom and happiness is to rectify my relationship with the Lord. I must attend church and start reading my bible again. I went out and bought the bible on CD so hopefully I will not only be reading but also listening a lot more than I have been. I really need to find a set time and quiet place to spend quality time with the Lord. I have the weekend with my beautiful children and they really do make me shine. So we are off on an adventure and I hope you all have a great weekend. Especially since the Leafs kicked butt last night. 3-1. Woo Hoo!!!