Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Best features.

Last night I was on the net and ran into a survey about knowing oneself. I found that it wasn't so much about knowing yourself but it got me wondering what people actually do think of me.

One of the questions asked what I thought was my best feature. I thought for awhile and came up with my smile. I find it addictive. It's funny, because when I was in grade school, even in high school, I found myself hiding it with my hand all the time, I even used to hold in my laugh. Weird eh? Now, it seems that is all I ever do, that is, smile and laugh and no I don't hide it anymore. Laughter is addictive and being positive is contagious. Although I don't always seem so on my blog, nine times out of ten I am happy.

Anyway, I asked Rose, a girl I work with and talk with all the time, what she thought my best feature was and she totally blew me away. She said my heart. She said my heart and kindness shines through whenever I talk. I had never expected an answer like that but I was totally like wow, when she said that. I melted just a little bit.

I asked Kelly and she said my teeth. She said even before she was studying to be a dental hygienist she thought I had great teeth. She also said that I have an amazing attention span. She said that whenever I talk my eyes are only on those I am talking with or listening too. Owen said that it was my smile. He said it was warm.

They then started talking about my personality and they had nothing but good things to say. This is a relief as I think sometimes I am an ass. :-)

I also found it funny that when I asked some of the guys and girls a multiple choice question the guys always said the same thing and the girls always said the same thing but they were different answers. I think the question is silly and I think I have a little bit of everything in me and more. The question was Are you: energetic, outgoing, shy, mellow, funny or none of the above? The guys said shy. The girls said outgoing. I didn't realize that I acted differently around the opposite sex. Even the people that I hang with. I know that I have both in me I just didn't see myself actually acting different.

You know, you don't always care what people think about you but when you find out that most of it is in a positive light it brings a little joy to my heart.

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