Thursday, May 27, 2004

Old couples.

I see old couples and I see my parents (who are not that old)but have been married 33 years come this June. These married couples have lived with each other for more years than I can imagine living with someone. Some still hold hands, some still look madly in love, some don't even sleep in the same bedrooms anymore. But living with someone for the better part of your life must be amazing, in both good and bad ways I'm sure. When one of them passes on, they must lose a big part of themselves.

(In case you are wondering what brought this on, both Randall's grandparents passed away within a few days of each other.)

I see my aunt Marie. She is pretty old. She is still her grumpy self. She lost her husband, my uncle, a few years ago now. She stayed at my house last week for the wedding and to look at her now is sad. Not only did she lose her husband of a billion years, which was a shock to all of us, but shortly after that she lost most of her sight, most of her hearing, and her toes on her left foot from diabetes. She sold her beautiful lake front property in the country that she had shared with her hubby since they moved out of Toronto in the 70's. She is a strong woman and I guess she refuses to let go. But I see the sadness in her, even though she tries to hide it. I feel it when she is around. I miss uncle George and I only saw him a few weeks out of the year, every year.

I have heard that some couples, after being together for so long, if they lose their other half they too soon die. I have been heart broken but I can never imagine losing the person that has completed my life for centuries. (Just so you know, I am talking about married couples who have been together for 30, 40, 50+ years) I couldn't even see my parents functioning properly without one another. It really does take both of them to complete each other. The bible says two become one. People try to change that meaning nowadays but it is true. The bible says it!

I just wish that I will one day find that one special person, that we can become one. And if after being with each other for centuries, if God permits, one of us should pass on, I would hope that God would take us together or really close in time, like Randall's grandparents. What's more beautiful then to die because of a broken heart. Ok, that's the Shakespeare, romantic woman brain that I have. :-)So, what?

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