Friday, May 21, 2004

What I did when I was fifteen.

When I was fifteen years old I did something really stupid. I got a tattoo. At first I hid it from everyone and the only people who knew about it were my cousin (who was with me) and her mom. Eventually my sister saw it when I was getting out of the shower and one day while was she was getting in trouble, she ratted on me. It wasn't done very well and the tattoo artist didn't even have all the colours to fill it in. So, I have been stuck with this thing on my back for 12 years now. I decided that I either need to get it covered which costs over one thousand dollars or get it redone. My friend Jaime has an artist she goes to and she took me to see how much it would cost. Long story short: On Wednesday I got my tattoo redone for eighty dollars and it looks awesome. My back is hurting a bit today. It almost feels like I've pulled a muscle. But in about two weeks it should be completely healed.

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