Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We're Back!

Skye and I are back safe and sound from our camping adventure.  We both had a really good time and the weather was beautiful.  We arrived at the park on Saturday.  Did the usual: putting up the tent, getting organized, had a bite to eat, had a bonfire, took a walk around the campsite and watched the sunset on the beach.

On Sunday we did some hiking.  We went on two trails.  The first one was to see some beaver dams and a nice lookout ontop of a cliff.  It was very cool.  Skye particularly liked this trail because she seems to be a little bit intrigued by beavers as of late.  We had a snack at the lookout and then finished our first hike. 

We went for a ride in the car to get to our second destination, which I thought was going to be pretty short and it ended up being half an hour.  This trail entailed rapids.  This was my pick for the day.  It was called Whiskey Rapids.  So here we are trekking up and down hills, going through really tall grass-which was a little freaky-snakes!!  Thankfully we didn't run into any.  We finally reach rapids, it was a little bit funny because I wouldn't exactly call them rapids.  A little bit of rushing water over rocks.  Ok, so I guess they were but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  It was fun though. 

Later in the afternoon, we went to the beach.  Had fun swimming and then headed back to the campsite for dinner, a nice fire and some roasted marshmallows.

On Monday, we rented a canoe.  Spent a good part of the day on the water.  We went on the Ragged Falls canoe route.  We ended up at the bottom of the falls and climbed a little to have lunch.  We sat on a log as the water rushed below us.  It was pretty neat.  After much convincing, Skye and I climbed the rocks all the way to the top of the falls.  There was this swimming hole at the top.  So we hung out there for awhile.  Our shoes, socks and all our clothing got soaked, but it was so much fun.  Climbing down the rocks was a little bit easier, but still dangerous.  Skye actually hit her forehead on one of the rocks, not hard thankfully, but she was ok.  We even slipped on a rock into the water near the top of the falls, which was both scary and fun. 

Yesterday we just chilled at the campsite.  Went for a swim in Pog Lake, read a book and got invited to a neighbour's campsite for a bonfire.  It was nice and relaxing. 

Late last night it rained a bit, so we had to pack a wet tent.  But we are home now and I am so glad that I had such a great time with my daughter.  I am looking forward to do this again. 

So now I am quite exhausted.  Skye is playing and seems like she has all the energy in the world.  It's so great to be a kid.  I could probably go to bed right now and sleep all night.  Ok, probably not, but I'd like too. :-)

Pictures will be posted at my fotopage soon.  It's just I haven't upgraded to digital yet so I have to do it the old fashion way.  :-) 

Friday, July 23, 2004

Off to Algonquin!

As of tomorrow, Skye and I will be out of the city and putting up our tent in the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park.  We are so excited.  I can hardly wait.  I just took a break from getting everything in order so I can update this thing.  We will not be back until Wednesday.  Yippee!  I love hiking and taking breathes of the beautiful clean air.  I am renting a canoe and will be teaching Skye how to maneuver one.  I also can't wait to see the awesome stars.  This all may seem funny to you but living where we do, it is rare to see a big cluster of stars.  Stars used to be my hobby.  I was fascinated with them.  I always love going up north, I can see them without my telescope.  Something which I have put away being so close to T.O.  I can say that the only thing I hate about camping is the bugs.  But I have learned how to deal with that.  :-)  Anyway, have a great weekend/week.  God bless you all. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I can mark King Arthur off my checklist of summer movies!

Saw 'King Arthur' with Melissa tonight.  I was not expecting much because of all the gossip going around about it.  I love it when I go into movies not expecting much because I usually come away with a good sense of the movie.  Much more then if I was expecting all sorts of greatness and am let down.  I was not!  And it was a great movie.  I've always been a fan of King Arthur and Excalibur.  Actually I am more fascinated with Sir Lancelot's character then Arthur himself, who of course is also intriguing. 

Anyway, this movie was not your typical 'Arthur' story.  And I think that is why I liked it so much.  They did not have to put Guinevere in a slutty outfit but I seemed to enjoy her character in this movie.  She was a fighter.  She reminded me just a little bit of Joan of Arc.  Who really knows the legend and whether it is truth or myth but this movie had a little more realistic approach to the whole legend.  Don't get me wrong, I love legend too.  Other Arthur stories are great too.  Merlin, surprisingly didn't play a big roll though.  Which was a little disappointing.  Merlin is a big role in the 'legend' of King Arthur and his Knights.  I wish they would have did him a little more justice then they did.  But over all, the movie was great.  Good action, a little bit of romance (seriously, only a tiny bit), and it showed the humanness(is that even a word?) of King Arthur, some of his good deeds - which he is legend for.  Thumbs up on this one!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Is it a sin to work on Sundays?

I have a question.  Is it a sin to work on Sundays? 
When I was younger I worked every weekend.  But as I grew in life and in faith I always thought it was wrong to work on Sundays.  But then I was told that Jesus should be the temple of your life all seven days of the week and in reality that obviously doesn't only include Sundays.  So, as long as He is your focus every day of the week, then Sundays were just the same.  But I still refused to work on a Sunday.  Something inside me was still telling me it was wrong.  In the book of Genesis it states that God rested on the seventh day.  Are we not also suppose to rest on the Sabbath.  Which includes all work to be put off until the next day.  So, I guess I never fully stopped working on the Sabbath because I still always did housework.  And I have never worked a Sunday at the job which I currently have but today someone called me as they always do and for some unknown reason I said I would.  Now, I feel like you feel when you do something that you shouldn't do.  Except, is it wrong or is it just something that was drilled into me and as long as Jesus is your centre it doesn't matter? 
Signed confused.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

A little update.

Wow, its been a little while since I wrote last.  I have just been a little busy, spending as much time with my little ones as possible.  See, my son left yesterday for two weeks.  He went on vacation with his dad to NFLD.  It was extremely heartbreaking to let him go.  Matthew was upset too.  He didn't really want to leave Mommy.  You don't understand how good and how sad that is.  So, now he is gone.  And God be with him and protect him please. 
My daughter is finished summer school.  I enrolled her in the Summer Literacy Camp for two weeks.  She is an excellent reader, she's probably above average, but I wanted to keep her a little fresh for her big jump into Grade 5 in September. 
Now, I am just getting ready for our big Mother/Daughter trip to Algonquin next Saturday.  I am very excited about it.  And as far as I can tell, so is Skye.  So, now I am taking extra shifts at work, doubling my work schedule to make up for the time I will be gone.  So, I am a bit tired.  But it will all be worth it when we get there.  Yippee!! 
So now I am going to grab a bite, run off to the gym and then head to work.  Have a great weekend everyone.
P.S.  I go away from blogger for one week and I come back and they added so many features.  When I have time it will be fun to play around in here.  :-)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Decision Making.

I was talking with Carlos about 'The butterfly effect'. We had a big conversation on the effect of decision making. It's like if I decide to go here instead of there, the effect it could have on my life. It's like God gives us paths and it's up to us which ones we venture on. And depending on which ones we chose could lead us to 'alternate endings'.

I went out with Jaime last night to Demetres for dessert after work. We talked about our current relationships or hopes of one. She is in a sticky situation because she has fallen for her best friend and although he loves her he is afraid to take it to the next level because he doesn't want to lose her. In my opinion, whether they go to the next level or not he still runs the risk of losing her. Why are we so afraid? Why don't we act on things instead of staying afraid and doing nothing?

It's funny because I was talking to her about this guy that I really like and I too am too afraid to act on it. I know why I am afraid. Rejection. I know it is better to know than to keep dreaming but fear has captured me and won't set me free. Maybe sometimes it is easier to not do anything. Because not doing anything doesn't risk you getting hurt but it risks something that could be great.

I could have done something last night but fear got ahold of me again. Jaime tried with her all, I think, to get me to make the slightest move and not until he left did I realize the potential of one little move. That is my problem too. I think of things after instead of in the moment. I am smart, I am just not very quick. Jaime did say that if she didn't know better, his body movements and just the way he was talking with me, sent signals that he does like me. I feel like I am grade school. I am just clueless. So, for now I will try to drop little hints and just let time run its course. If something is meant to be it will be. Which I only think is partly true because it is still up to you whether or not you act.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The before and after pic of my tattoo is up.

I finally got around to putting up a before and after picture of my tattoo. If you are at all interested to see the drastic improvement you can go check it out here. It is not the best thing in the world but it looks considerably better then it once did.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Spider-man 2

Last night I saw 'Spider-man 2' with Melissa. It was such a good movie. First of all I loved the first spidey movie but this one was better. It wasn't all out action. It went more in detail about the trials and responsibility of being who he(Peter/Spider-man) is. I really loved it. And it left me wanting more. I love it when a movie does that to me. The only other movie that I can think of off the top of my head that has left me wanting more was 'The lord of the rings'. Which I find funny because I am neither a fantasy or action movie freak. I do enjoy them but they are usually not my first choice.

And supposedly there is a rumour that M. Night Shyamalan is hoping to do a Superman movie. I think that would be awesome. I love his movies and he loves Superman. If it goes with the 'Smallville' story line it could turn out to be a great film, especially if they use Tom Welling. Chances of any of this happening is slim but a girl can dream. :-)

Saturday, July 03, 2004

The dating game.

I went on a date tonight. I have never been fond of the dating game. I don't know. This guy was such a nice guy but there was just nothing there. The nice thing was I felt like I had known him for awhile and we were comfortable with each other but when there isn't any sort of spark at all, what do you do? It seemed like I was out grabbing a bite with a friend which is not a bad thing but not a good thing when you are looking for a potential something. I think he felt the same way, but then again it is so hard to read guys.

I just wish that you could meet someone, know they are the one and that is it. Does that actually happen? It would be so easy if it were like that. Maybe God has fun with us because nothing is easy. But then what would be the sense if you didn't have to work for it. In the end all the dating, all the frustrations, all the laughs, they have to be worth it. So, God can keep having is fun with me :-) because I'm in it for the long haul. The end 'prize'. I put prize in quotations because I don't literally mean prize I mean life partner, friend, get the picture. :-)

Friday, July 02, 2004

Happy Canada's Day!!

Canada Day was a lot of fun. Five of us went downtown Toronto to the Country Jamboree where my all time favourite country singer was performing. Actually, there were six singers, all from good ol' Canada. Two were up and coming stars with one or two songs that have been played on the radio and the best act was Paul Brandt. I absolutely totally love this guys music. I have four of his cds. It was totally awesome. The concert was free too. And I didn't have to pay for parking which seriously has been a first when venturing downtown. It was right on the beach and they had fireworks across the lake after the concert. This was probably the best Canada Day I've had.

Paul Brandt is a devoted Christian. And he broke out into the music industry approximately seven years or so ago. I have never seen him live until last night. He sounds amazing live. You know when you see a band or a singer and they sound better live then on a cd, and you think that it couldn't be possible because the cds are awesome. That was him. He is also a lot better looking close up then when I've seen pictures or tv appearances. I was impressed by his whole performance. It almost felt like he was playing just for you. How can you tell I totally enjoy his music, huh? ;-)

Anyway, we didn't get home until 11:30 or so. I can't wait to see him again live. Totally worth every penny. Happy Canada's Day everyone. I hope your day was as great as mine.