Sunday, July 18, 2004

Is it a sin to work on Sundays?

I have a question.  Is it a sin to work on Sundays? 
When I was younger I worked every weekend.  But as I grew in life and in faith I always thought it was wrong to work on Sundays.  But then I was told that Jesus should be the temple of your life all seven days of the week and in reality that obviously doesn't only include Sundays.  So, as long as He is your focus every day of the week, then Sundays were just the same.  But I still refused to work on a Sunday.  Something inside me was still telling me it was wrong.  In the book of Genesis it states that God rested on the seventh day.  Are we not also suppose to rest on the Sabbath.  Which includes all work to be put off until the next day.  So, I guess I never fully stopped working on the Sabbath because I still always did housework.  And I have never worked a Sunday at the job which I currently have but today someone called me as they always do and for some unknown reason I said I would.  Now, I feel like you feel when you do something that you shouldn't do.  Except, is it wrong or is it just something that was drilled into me and as long as Jesus is your centre it doesn't matter? 
Signed confused.


Markio said...


The principle of the Sabbath is still in effect but the Sabbath is not Sunday. If you were to follow the law, it would be Saturday. But that isn't really it either. The principle is taking one day of rest a week from your regular work. My Sabbath is Friday most weeks and that is what works best for me. There have been some weeks that I have been unable to do that and I trust that God knows that I'm trying to honor him in that.

Angela said...

Thanks for your comments Mark. Except, what is 'regular' work? I am assuming it is your daily job that you are talking about. But where would housework fit in? 'Cause most weeks I only have one day off of my work schedule and that is when I usually am able to fit housework in.