Saturday, April 23, 2005

Schools out!

Wow, I didn't realize I neglected my blog for so long. I probably have no one reading this anymore.

Last week I finished all my exams, assignments and school. The first semester was quite good. I learned so much about the bible. I am fascinated with God and His amazing plan for us. My professors bible study group, which mainly deals with the book of Revelations and Daniel, has been so awesome too. I can't even describe it. I'm am truly loving my classes. I met so many great people. I have been so busy. It's crazy but I love it that way.

I start my summer semester on May 9th. This semester is going to be even more crazy and probably harder then the last because I am still taking six classes, but in a very condensed time frame. Even so, I am still excited about starting again.

I wish that throughout my whole life I was this excited about school. My life would have been so much easier, but I do realize that I had to go through all those crazy times, like high school, to get where I am today. I thank God for where I am today and I can't wait for Him to teach me more about Himself as I come humbly before Him. He really is the most magnificent King on High!

God has been showing me some things in my life that have been blowing me away. As any human would do, I have had doubts at times, and I asked Him to confirm what He has shown me and He did both times. Usually at the last moment, but isn't that how God works. It takes faith, hope and love. It takes giving Him your all and trusting in His promises. I am so grateful for Him. There are no words to explain how thankful I am for my Saviour.

God bless you all. Have a most beautiful day, even if it's raining! :-)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A little update on what's been going on in the world of Angela!

Hi to everyone that actually still comes to check this blog out. Sorry its been taking so long to post. It is nearing the end of my first semester at school and things have been just a little more hectic then I was hoping for. I just took a few minutes out of my studies to catch a breath or two.

School has been awesome. I have been diving into the Word and every time that I do, God shows me something new. I've been praying (I believe) better then I ever have before. I used to be and sometimes still am that type that had no clue what to say or even how to say it but, the Spirit has been working in me and prayers have been more efficient.

Church has also been a blessing. Last Sunday was so good. I don't even know how to describe it. And the Sunday past was about the heart and things that hinder it. It was refreshing. I don't know, but I feel God working even on the days that I don't seem to be and He is just so incredible. I want to see Jesus lifted up and I want His kingdom to grow. I know He is preparing me to be used. How awesome is this?!!!

Ok, I must get back to my work. Have a blessed day.