Monday, November 24, 2008

The joy of the Lord.

Ok, so I had a beautiful baby girl on July 14th. We named her Alexandra Spring. She has been nothing but joy to us all.

We did this series with her while she was still in my womb. It was called 'Ministering to the Baby in the Womb' by Arthur Burk. I recommend every single parent to do this with their child(ren). It has to do with understanding generational sins, curses and blessings, dealing with the sins and curses and pouring blessings into the child. It also has cd's that minister to the child directly through bible verses, pouring joy and peace right into the baby's spirit.

I can only tell you my experience and that is that the amazing baby I have is a total product of God. She has such a calm spirit, very very joyful, and sits in peace most often. Not to say she doesn't cry, that would be silly but it is something that is a rarity. Last week she was teething and received two teeth. She was a little bit unsettled for a few days but not so much that one would have ever thought that she was teething, not to mention that we had gone to the doctor's and she received two shots that same week. I contributed her fussiness to the needles which she received on Monday. By Wednesday she had one tooth, by Friday she had gotten her second one. I have never seen a baby be so pleasant while getting teeth before. My mom was in shock and awe about the whole thing. She kept saying that she never would have thought she was teething except for the excessive drool.

I can not stress again, every mother to be needs to get this cd series. Not only is it beneficial to the well being of your child but it also helps you in so many ways. You are listening to the cd's as well. It's like getting double scoops when you only put the spoon in once.

Here is the link to all who are interested: The series is called 'Ministering to Babies in the Womb.

I pray that God blesses Arthur Burk with an abundance of blessings. May he continue to walk in faith and continue to be a good Stewart of our Lord Jesus Christ. May he continue to open himself up to the spirit and be used mightily to help others in their own walk. I pray that you bless his marriage, family, business, ministry, home, finances. I bless him with wisdom, discernment, faith, knowledge, understanding, being obedient to God. I bless you for generosity, for giving our daughter a chance at walking in God's anointing and path, for all women to get a hold of this cd and use it so their children too will be blessed. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few updates or more so highlights from this year so far!

Here are some updates:

  • I got married this year to the man God had promised to me three years ago on March 8, 2008. It was probably the biggest snow storm day in Toronto this season. But it proved to be an amazing day. My husband's name is Richard and he is awesome.
  • We got our own little three bedroom townhouse a few blocks away from where I used to live. Which has proved to be very convenient because we were able to keep the children in the same school.
  • My daughter, Skye, graduated from grade 8 today. What a milestone in her life, and it shows me how quickly time flies by.
  • I am pregnant with my third child which is due to arrive in July. I'm in my last stages and man has it been hard. My feet, ankles and legs look like tree trunks. I also think I keep going into mild braxton hicks contractions.
  • God has definitely been stretching our faith as He continuously asks us to do things which sane people would think are nuts. Even when it's hard, we do what He has asked and it has proved over and over again that He is a God of His Word.
  • Richard and I are in the process of getting three online businesses up and running in the next few months.
  • An interesting experience I had this year; going camping in my third trimester. That was an uncomfortable trek, however, we had a blast even when it rained.
  • This year has definitely been a year of a lot of changes. Many are still to come. I just pray that I will have the grace to get through them, the faith to stand firm, the endurance to run the race, and the wisdom to make the right decisions.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A year later! Has it been so long?

Wow, I thought this website had been deleted. My cousin just started a new one and it got me wondering about this old thing. I checked to see if it was still operable and low and behold it was. I realize that I haven't written in over a year but I think it needs to be taken up again. It was such a relief to be able to let out my stress, anguish, joy, frustrations, happy moments, life, et la, that I don't really know how I survived without this baby for so long, especially since so many things have happened this past year.

Soon I will update about the life of Angela. Too many things have gone on and not enough time to write tonight. I must go now, make brownies and let my children enjoy them before it gets way too late, which by my standards it already is.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi Y'all from Texas!!!

Hi Y'all. I am in Texas for training with American Airlines for two weeks. I arrived last night and had our first test this morning. It was a bit intense last night trying to get over jet lag and studying. There was a big build up regarding the test because it was a do or die situation. You had to pass with an 80% or else they turn around and send you back home on the next available flight. One person from the last group got sent home which sent this group in full alert mode.

Now that that is done, I can relax a little bit more. Now I know what to expect and what is expected of me. It's a little hard being away from everyone at home. I know that I will have a lot to do and my mind, hopefully won't go into sad mode.

The nice thing is that the weather is absolutely beautiful. It is like 20 degrees celsuis and I am loving every minute of it. It was sunny earlier and it is raining at the moment but I love the rain so that is a bonus. Plus they are feeding us too well. I am trying to watch what I eat but they offer so much here and it's all free. I have been trying to fill up on salad and turn down desserts but I will cave eventually due to the chocolate mousse cake factor. :-)

Things to look forward too:
-Going to Fort Worth on the weekend to maybe try bull riding and see some real cowboys.
-Going to get manicure and hopefully pedicure.
-Passing and working at the airport with amazing benefits.
-Going home to see all the people I love dearly.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Matthew and Jesus :-)

Two weeks ago, the most amazing thing happened. While my kids and I were doing morning worship my son was acting silly. (that's not the amazing part :) 'cause he's always silly) Anyway, after worship we prayed and right as we finished praying my son said something to me. He said 'Mom, I don't have Jesus in my heart'. I proceeded to ask him if he wanted Him in his heart. But not just that, I had to tell my six year old that it is a matter of actually believing in some important Christian foundations and that after everything I told him, if he believed in those things that He could pray for salvation now or if and when he felt it was time. I told him that I would love him the same whether or not he accepted Jesus and that it is his conviction, his choice in the whole matter. (don't forget, I am telling him all of this in six year old language). Well, what do you think happened next? He started to tear up and said 'I want Jesus in my heart'. And so, I told him all that he needed to do and that little guy that I love so much and is so dear to my heart, gave his life to Jesus. Amazing, I tell ya, amazing!!! Praise Jesus!!! Alleluia!! My God is an Awesome God He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom power and love, MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The last first...

How crazy is it when you have waited all your life for your last first. Well, yesterday marked the end of the old and the beginning of the rest of my life. The one God promised to me two whole years ago, kissed me yesterday and it was the beginning of a God-centred WOW life. I can not wait until the day we say 'I do'.

I must admit that no matter how excited I am, I am just as scared inside. I've been playing the waiting game for so long that now that it is finally here, it seems to be moving in hyper speed. Which by the way, I don't mind. But even so, there is a little voice inside saying be careful, be cautious, hold back and be prepared to be hurt again. I know it is just fear but, the Lord didn't give me the spirit of fear. So I have to ask, 'why am I scared'?

Maybe it is second nature that when you want something so bad for so long, it becomes a dream that you never think will actually become reality and then when God finally gives it to you it doesn't seem real. You don't know how to act or react, you are dumbfounded. It's so weird because I feel ecstatic. I have so many emotions running through my body and most of them are high pressured, heart pumping, breathe stopping, electrical waves. The sad thing is there are two emotions that are fighting. They are so closely related too. They are fear and excitement. I can feel the sword fight and I know which one is winning. I guess it is just me being cautious, except I don't want to be, and that is why I fighting.

Anyway, this week has been awesome and I am only looking forward to more. More Lord, more for 2007. Maybe fairytales do exist! :-)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Fun!

This weekend I had a lot of fun. I took Matthew, Alyssa and the neighbourhood kids toboganing. I have not been on a tobogan in years. I forgot how much fun it actually is. I remember when Skye was about 4 and I took her on some hills by my house. I made a smaller hill at the bottom so we could fly like superman. It was too fun. Our butt's hurt by the time we got home, but man that was too cool! This time however, I was so nervous going down a hill. It really is true what they say; as you get older you become too cautious and allow fear to creep in. The kids were having a blast though. They were riding the sleds like snowboards. Crazy fun! None of them got hurt and it was hilarious when they flipped. Afterwards, we all went home for some hot chocolate and sat down to watch a movie while we denumbed our bums. :-)

Church was pretty awesome on Sunday too! My team was leading the Kids Ministry and we had a special speaker, Dan Slade, come and talk to the kids. He told them of his amazing mission trip 3 weeks ago to the Ukraine. How at a Pastor's and Leader's Conference, God used a 12yr old girl to prophecy over the Leaders. How the congregation fell down silent in the presence of the Holy Spirit and how God is going to use children in the next revival. He had the kids so captivated that when he told them what had happened it got a lot of kids at our church excited. More then half a dozen accepted the Lord Jesus as their saviour, others wanted to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. We as the leaders prayed over them. It was such an experience that I can not fully describe how wow it was.

Some of the leaders have been sensing God wanting to impart and equip the children into ministry. We have been putting on equipping classes for families and the turn outs have been great. God is moving and I really want my kids and I to be a part of it.

I also have heard that a lot of God's promises that He has made to people will be fulfilled this year. This makes me very happy because I have been waiting awhile on some. I know some people who have been waiting 10yrs, others 3yrs. This is going to be a big year!! I can't wait.

We also went to Matthew's hockey game. It is the cutest thing seeing 6-7yr olds play hockey. They work so hard and try to perform like the big kids. The league Matthew is in is very impressive. Their practices are so organized, no time is wasted and they really work the kids with fun, encouraging drills and the improvement in these kids have been amazing.

Anyway, weekend was good, this week so far has been good. All in all, things are good! :-)