Friday, February 02, 2007

Matthew and Jesus :-)

Two weeks ago, the most amazing thing happened. While my kids and I were doing morning worship my son was acting silly. (that's not the amazing part :) 'cause he's always silly) Anyway, after worship we prayed and right as we finished praying my son said something to me. He said 'Mom, I don't have Jesus in my heart'. I proceeded to ask him if he wanted Him in his heart. But not just that, I had to tell my six year old that it is a matter of actually believing in some important Christian foundations and that after everything I told him, if he believed in those things that He could pray for salvation now or if and when he felt it was time. I told him that I would love him the same whether or not he accepted Jesus and that it is his conviction, his choice in the whole matter. (don't forget, I am telling him all of this in six year old language). Well, what do you think happened next? He started to tear up and said 'I want Jesus in my heart'. And so, I told him all that he needed to do and that little guy that I love so much and is so dear to my heart, gave his life to Jesus. Amazing, I tell ya, amazing!!! Praise Jesus!!! Alleluia!! My God is an Awesome God He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom power and love, MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!! Woo Hoo!

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