Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Fun!

This weekend I had a lot of fun. I took Matthew, Alyssa and the neighbourhood kids toboganing. I have not been on a tobogan in years. I forgot how much fun it actually is. I remember when Skye was about 4 and I took her on some hills by my house. I made a smaller hill at the bottom so we could fly like superman. It was too fun. Our butt's hurt by the time we got home, but man that was too cool! This time however, I was so nervous going down a hill. It really is true what they say; as you get older you become too cautious and allow fear to creep in. The kids were having a blast though. They were riding the sleds like snowboards. Crazy fun! None of them got hurt and it was hilarious when they flipped. Afterwards, we all went home for some hot chocolate and sat down to watch a movie while we denumbed our bums. :-)

Church was pretty awesome on Sunday too! My team was leading the Kids Ministry and we had a special speaker, Dan Slade, come and talk to the kids. He told them of his amazing mission trip 3 weeks ago to the Ukraine. How at a Pastor's and Leader's Conference, God used a 12yr old girl to prophecy over the Leaders. How the congregation fell down silent in the presence of the Holy Spirit and how God is going to use children in the next revival. He had the kids so captivated that when he told them what had happened it got a lot of kids at our church excited. More then half a dozen accepted the Lord Jesus as their saviour, others wanted to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. We as the leaders prayed over them. It was such an experience that I can not fully describe how wow it was.

Some of the leaders have been sensing God wanting to impart and equip the children into ministry. We have been putting on equipping classes for families and the turn outs have been great. God is moving and I really want my kids and I to be a part of it.

I also have heard that a lot of God's promises that He has made to people will be fulfilled this year. This makes me very happy because I have been waiting awhile on some. I know some people who have been waiting 10yrs, others 3yrs. This is going to be a big year!! I can't wait.

We also went to Matthew's hockey game. It is the cutest thing seeing 6-7yr olds play hockey. They work so hard and try to perform like the big kids. The league Matthew is in is very impressive. Their practices are so organized, no time is wasted and they really work the kids with fun, encouraging drills and the improvement in these kids have been amazing.

Anyway, weekend was good, this week so far has been good. All in all, things are good! :-)

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