Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We're Back!

Skye and I are back safe and sound from our camping adventure.  We both had a really good time and the weather was beautiful.  We arrived at the park on Saturday.  Did the usual: putting up the tent, getting organized, had a bite to eat, had a bonfire, took a walk around the campsite and watched the sunset on the beach.

On Sunday we did some hiking.  We went on two trails.  The first one was to see some beaver dams and a nice lookout ontop of a cliff.  It was very cool.  Skye particularly liked this trail because she seems to be a little bit intrigued by beavers as of late.  We had a snack at the lookout and then finished our first hike. 

We went for a ride in the car to get to our second destination, which I thought was going to be pretty short and it ended up being half an hour.  This trail entailed rapids.  This was my pick for the day.  It was called Whiskey Rapids.  So here we are trekking up and down hills, going through really tall grass-which was a little freaky-snakes!!  Thankfully we didn't run into any.  We finally reach rapids, it was a little bit funny because I wouldn't exactly call them rapids.  A little bit of rushing water over rocks.  Ok, so I guess they were but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  It was fun though. 

Later in the afternoon, we went to the beach.  Had fun swimming and then headed back to the campsite for dinner, a nice fire and some roasted marshmallows.

On Monday, we rented a canoe.  Spent a good part of the day on the water.  We went on the Ragged Falls canoe route.  We ended up at the bottom of the falls and climbed a little to have lunch.  We sat on a log as the water rushed below us.  It was pretty neat.  After much convincing, Skye and I climbed the rocks all the way to the top of the falls.  There was this swimming hole at the top.  So we hung out there for awhile.  Our shoes, socks and all our clothing got soaked, but it was so much fun.  Climbing down the rocks was a little bit easier, but still dangerous.  Skye actually hit her forehead on one of the rocks, not hard thankfully, but she was ok.  We even slipped on a rock into the water near the top of the falls, which was both scary and fun. 

Yesterday we just chilled at the campsite.  Went for a swim in Pog Lake, read a book and got invited to a neighbour's campsite for a bonfire.  It was nice and relaxing. 

Late last night it rained a bit, so we had to pack a wet tent.  But we are home now and I am so glad that I had such a great time with my daughter.  I am looking forward to do this again. 

So now I am quite exhausted.  Skye is playing and seems like she has all the energy in the world.  It's so great to be a kid.  I could probably go to bed right now and sleep all night.  Ok, probably not, but I'd like too. :-)

Pictures will be posted at my fotopage soon.  It's just I haven't upgraded to digital yet so I have to do it the old fashion way.  :-) 

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