Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend almost the whole family went up to my uncle's home in Walkerton, Ontario. I am sure everyone has heard of that place by now. It was my aunt's birthday and my uncle threw a surprise party for her. I missed the jump out and surprise part because I had to wait in the city to get Matthew from his dad, but I heard that she was so surprised and she cried. Its so great when one cries over joyous things. We had a great time. Matthew and Skye didn't want to come home. We stayed over night and came home today.

For mother's day, I took my children out for lunch. And my sister made my mom dinner. We were all up in Walkerton except my sister and her family so she started on dinner. Not long after we got home it was ready. Nice day overall. Thank you Mary for dinner. And Shannon, seeing as he really did most of the cooking. :-)

Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there.

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