Sunday, May 16, 2004

Jen and Mark's wedding!

I waited last minute on Friday to look for shoes to go with my outfit that I had bought for Saturday's wedding. I went to Square One, which is only the largest shopping mall in Ontario, and I did not come away with anything. I was exhausted and my feet were swollen from all the walking and going into every single shoe store we could find.

Luckily on Saturday morning I went to Heartland Centre. The first shoe store I entered, I found the shoes. It felt so good to finally be done and actually get something I liked but also frustrating because if I had just went there the day before I would have been set and without the headache.

And to top it off, I went to see 'Troy' at the theatre on Friday. Now 7 of us went and we were extremely excited to finally watch this film. Just as the movie previews were about to start the rolling stopped. 15min later the manager comes in and tells us that they were having problems with the projector and that the movie should be up and running in 15min. Only, another 15min later he comes in and says that the bulb will not work for the projector and he gave the packed theatre 2 courtesy passes to come and see it again and to see another film. It was good that we got free passes but we were so looking forward to seeing the film. Boo Woo!!

So, last night I went to Jen and Mark's wedding. And it was absolutely gorgeous. Her dress was one of the best dresses I had ever seen. And the hall was just beautifully decorated. It seemed that we all had an awesome time. It felt great to do some dancing and socializing with family member's I hadn't seen in a long while or had just met. Jen married an Irishman so you know with my family and the Irish it had to be fun. :-)

I will be posting pictures on my fotopage soon. So stay tuned.

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