Sunday, May 23, 2004

Southern Gospel

I went out with Melissa tonight. It was great to spend time with her. We went out for dinner at a new Thai restaurant. I don't think that I have tasted Thai before, she didn't think she had either. Besides me sending back my food (due to mushrooms) it was pretty good. I think I will go back, except next time I really hope they remember not to put mushrooms near me :-).

After dinner we went back to her place. We ended up renting a movie, 'The Fighting Temptations'. Now, it wasn't that great of a movie but Southern Gospel, WOW!!! It really moved me. I really wish that we were that enthusiastic in church as they are in the south. My father, when he did go to church back in the day, said that the church he and my mom attended was like that. Only the evening service was amazing gospel music so they only attended at night.

Does anyone know of a church in the GTA that has music that moves? A church I used to attend 'The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship' has music that moves. Not gospel but just as good. I think I need to come back to life. Music moves the soul. And I'm feeling the 'itch' to be moved by the Spirit. If that even makes sense. God please move in me, stir my soul, make me have passion for you that I once had, make it stronger. I think its time to go back to TACF. Its been too long. It's funny but no matter what church I seem to attend, I always end up back at that one.

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