Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Talks, baths and webspaces.

Today was a good day. I've been talking with my sister a lot. She is getting a lot off her chest and I am being there for her. Please pray for her. She really needs God right now so please take time to pray for her (Mary).

I had a bath today. Yes, I know that sounds funny but really I am a shower person and today I took a bath and a shower. For Christmas in my stocking I got what you would call a bath bomb. It is round and is about the size of a tennis ball. When it hits the water it explodes and goes crazy. It was cool to watch. So my bath was green because the bath bomb was green. And it smelt so good. Like lemon gum drops.

Tried making a web page with Randall's help. He's so nice to take the time out to help. Thank you!! I also found a webspace tutorial that is teaching me step by step the language of html. It will take time but it will get done.

I had a talk with Melissa yesterday. I think that we are both paranoid about one another. She thinks so too. We have both had friends betray us and because of something in our life we are paranoid about each other. Truthfully we are being silly. So, we discussed our feelings. Not as much as I would have liked but enough that we are not going 'crazy'. My problem is I am too analytical. Ask anyone: I analyse everything to death. I used to be so bad that I couldn't even sleep at night some times. I was getting better but I seem to have let it creep back in. So, I am working on not be so analytical. Is that possible?!! I think so. If not I will just drive myself and those around me crazy.. :-)

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