Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I went on a tour.

I went to George Brown College today. I went on a tour of the Hospitality building. We watched a chef prepare a meal. Which we got to try. Normally I would never have tried it but because I am thinking of going into Culinary Arts I forced myself to try it. It was Tabbouleh with Rosemary Lamb served in a fried Popadom. It was sort of an Asian/Indian dish. I have never tried lamb before and I wasn't planning on trying it today but after a woman said how she hates lamb and how this dish was so amazing I figured what the heck. I had an open mind and lo and behold it was really good. After we toured the school I stayed and asked some questions. It was a good day. Now that I finally went and checked out the program I am getting excited. I think this would be great for me. I just have to decide whether a September or January start would be better for me.

I am hoping to get more hours at work so I could save for this. I have some goals which I mentioned in an earlier post but I seriously need some money to pull them off. If you are praying, I ask you to think of me.

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