Sunday, February 29, 2004

Did you miss me?

I am sure you didn't miss me, but I sure missed you!!! This past week has been great! Not having distractions sure helps you to focus on the only one that truly matters. God is Great!! I love Him so much. I think this is going to be the most amazing 40, well less now, days. I feel Him all around me.

I must admit though that it is a little hard not to look at the tv especially when everyone is in the living room and you are sitting alone in the family room. I haven't watched and I will not! But I just had to let you know that although I am succeeding, it is hard.

I am finding it a bit easier to get out the words for prayer. Even when I am tired I seem to stretch my waking hours just to say one last thing to Jesus.

I saw The Passion of the Christ. Although not completely accurate, but moreso because you have to fill in spaces in the movie, it was exceptionally well done. I did cry through most of it and so did my daughter, my mom and my sister. Yes, I did take my daughter and although she had to look away a lot she told me she was glad that she went. What did surprise me was just before the crucifixion I told her she should look away and she said 'No mom, I want to see this, I have to see this'. The only parts that scared her were the devil scenes. We did however pray when she went to bed and the images she was seeing were gone. She hasn't seen them since. Jesus is so powerful, just to say His name casts demons away!!!

Anyway, this was a good idea for me. I feel as though I am getting closer to the Lord. I will update in about a week, so hopefully you are still interested by then. That is if anyone is interested now. I noticed there are no comments, you know everyone loves comments. :-)

But anyway, I pray that you are diving deeper into the heart of our Lord and Saviour. May you be blessed with His Love and Compassion!!

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