Monday, February 02, 2004

The weekend.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I had a good day with Matthew on Saturday, I saw great things in him that I never saw before. Children will surprise you every chance they get. Its quite amazing.

Saturday night I went over to my friend Garret's house. I envisioned something different and pictured the night to be a certain way but it wasn't. It was actually better. I, among others, had a really great time. Some people who I wasn't sure would show up did, and that was great. It really was fun times. We saw a little movie that Garret had to do for one of his classes. It was actually pretty good and very funny. Owen and Garret took out their guitars and played/sang some songs. Both of these guys truly have talent. I think one of the best songs they played was 'The Scientist' by Coldplay. Owen and Garret both played some of their own original music which was quite good. Toward the end of the night they both started improvising. That was absolutely hilarious. They came up with two songs to complement another one of Owens. They are actually contemplating making a rock opera using the songs they made up. This will be great to see as we were laughing our butts off the whole time they came up with different verses.

On Sunday, I wasn't expecting to have church seeing as the location and all is up in the air right now. I was kind of glad seeing as I didn't get in from Garret's until about 5:30am. Matthew woke up at 8am, so I was quite tired. My own fault, but I don't get to go out much and I had such a great time. Anyway, at 11:30am the pastor calls to inform me that church will be on. So I rush to get ready, contemplating on whether or not I should drive all the way to Cambridge to go to church, and envisioning a nice relaxing day at home. Well, I did go to church and I am sure glad I did. I swear these are the times that church is the best. When you don't want to go. I heard some things that I so needed to hear and I know God spoke to me that day. The pastor doesn't know what I have been struggling with and he spoke on it. Its quite amazing to see God at work through people. I am so glad that God doesn't give up on me, considering the fact that I so often let Him down. Thank heavens for His grace!!

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