Saturday, February 07, 2004

Silly me!

So I managed to stay up until 4:30am. But by then my eyes really started to hurt and my bed was getting tired of calling my name. I managed to get up the stairs, brush my teeth and as I was taking off my clothes I realized how silly I really am. My sweater, which I have been wearing all evening just so happened to be on the wrong way. Yes, the wrong way!! I tease my children all the time when they do that and here I am a grown woman doing the same thing. How silly it is to Angela! (sung to the beat of How sweet it is to be loved by you).

Anyway, I actually was able to get 8 and a half hours of sleep. Which is amazing seeing as I haven't had that much sleep since, wait, I can't even remember. It does feel weird though waking up in the middle of the day. So, after this marathon that I am torturing myself to attend, I am doing my absolute best to get proper sleep. You know in bed reasonable time, wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. Is that possible? As of late I feel like that is not even a reality. But I did it once I can do it again! ;-)

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