Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A rule?!!

As I am driving Skye home from school yesterday I ask her if she had thought about what she might give up for lent this year. She actually comes up with a really good idea, but is now reconsidering. I really hope she decides to go with it.

Well, as we continue driving she tells me something that her teacher told her. The teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, told her that during the Lenten season you are not allowed to say 'Alleluia' or Hallelujah. I don't know if this is an actual practice in the Catholic faith, and I have never heard of it when I was Catholic but if this is true, they seriously need to rethink some of their traditions. Do you know what Alleluia means? I don't know how to spell this correctly but Alle means praise and luia is a form of Yahweh meaning God. Praise God. How in the world is that a thing that should not be said at any time. It is at the beginning of ten Psalms. It is good to praise the Lord. IF anything we should be praising God a whole lot more than we have been. Jeesh!!! Who would put such a rule in place??!!

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