Monday, February 23, 2004

Nothing light here today.

So many things to say, so little space and time. Firstly, I have realized that far too many bloggers whine and complain about their relationship with the Lord. The funny thing is, the Lord is always there for you. It is you that is not working on the relationship. Myself included. You know, I hear God all the time. He never seems to stop talking to me, I do hear Him. Lately, as in the last few months, I just haven't bothered to put forth any effort to have a good relationship with Him as I once did. I am glad for Lent in that, it will kick me off my butt and make me put forth the effort. I know I want to, I guess, just like most people I just needed a push. Lent is my push. How shall I push you? Do you even want to be pushed? Hopefully you are unlike me, and knowing Jesus is a push in itself. Hopefully, once these forty days and forty nights are up I will be like that. I have faith that I will be.

Secondly, bloggers out there, yes I am talking about you again, say you are Christian say you believe and then when I read your blogs and such I wonder do these people really even have faith. What do you believe in? I have heard things like: some are not even sure if they should even believe in the bible, some think that God somehow changed with the times. God is the same yesterday, today and always!!! The bible applies today people. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it isn't what God says now. I absolutely love it (sarcastically said) when people use a verse in the bible and say how it doesn't apply today because you need to look at it in the context of the time in which it was used. If that were true than most of the bible would be out dated. God would then have to make a new bible every time His statements were outdated. It ends at Revelations and it begins at Genesis because God said so. If He had anything else to add He wouldn't have closed the book. He still speaks now and He will continue to speak to us, thank goodness, but just because you think something isn't right in the way of the world doesn't mean it isn't right with God. The things of God are not in the same league as the world's. Most of God's views are hard to understand, most are hard to even comprehend, some are hard to believe. God is who He says He is. Why do we always have to have debates about who's right and who's wrong? God is always right no matter what your neighbour thinks about it or you for that matter. Get over it.

Thirdly, although I dread going most Sunday's, I am so glad to be given the opportunity to go to church. I love learning from God, I love hearing important lessons for my life. It seems as though God is always teaching me at church. I used to have the mindset of why go to church you can learn even if you are at home. It is true, that you can learn with others even if not in a church building but being without church and then finally getting to go back has taught me that Pastors are important. God does talk through them (I am thinking as long as they are right with the Lord, but I could be wrong). Paul said that he rather that we prophesy, that greater is he who prophesieth than he that speaks in tongues. He that prophesies edifies the church. 1Cor 14 Its important to learn from the ones God called. My pastor said something yesterday: That you should never come to church feeling completely comfortable. Because if you do then you are not learning there. God calls us on our actions and He needs to teach us the way in which to go. Every week you should be a little bit shaken. I think I am walking ok with the Lord and then I learn something new to help me in my walk. Isn't that what its all about. I am so glad my pastor isn't afraid of losing seats and he says what needs to be said regardless of who's watching. In the end it is the pastor as well as ourselves that will be judged for our actions. Too many people are not saying what the bible says or are playing it down or are only talking about the nice parts in the bible because they want to keep the cash flow coming in. What will they tell God when they are standing in front of Him. I didn't tell them about that because I needed $ to survive, forgive me Lord. I do know that the bible says in Rev 20 that there are books(plural) and then it talks about one other book(singular). There are many books but only one that is the Lambs Book of Life. I want to live holy. I want to be in that one book. I don't want to be one of those people that He says depart from me, I never knew you, you workers of iniquity. Do you know He says that to people who have healed in His name? Can you even imagine that!! Prophesying , casting out devils, doing many wonderful works in His name and in that day He says I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matt 7:23.

I think we (including me) have been taking our walk with the Lord too lightly. We really need to re-evaluate what it is that we want, that is in our heart. And start acting like someone with authority in Christ. No wonder the world doesn't take Christians seriously, we don't take ourselves seriously. There WILL be a last day!!! What will He say to you?

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