Sunday, March 07, 2004

Two weeks and counting...

It's been two weeks without the boob tube. It really hasn't bothered me. Although today I was really craving to watch an awesome movie. Mostly, I miss going out and buying a movie. But you know what? I am really getting somewhere with God. I like this sacrificing thing so much that I talked with God and gave up even more things. It won't be the whole 40 day thing but its definitely a sacrifice worth every penny.

You know what is so great about God: He is always there for you, listening, watching, waiting. It is so comforting to know that He is always there when needed. How many of us can say that about other people. I know my family will always be there but even when they can't be, He is!!

My only words to contribute this week is God is Great. I actually think I said the same thing last week, but I feel it. I really feel it in my bones. God is truly amazing!!

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