Sunday, March 14, 2004

The third week........

I can't lie. This week has been a little hard. Last weekend, because I was so in His glory, I had prayed about giving up more things. I was ready to sacrifice things that most people would think I was crazy for. I prayed for strength etc,.. But I think I overdid myself. At first it seemed like it would be, I don't want to say easy, but not so difficult. But by the end of the week heading into the weekend I had given up so much and was feeling burdened. Now being burdened is not the end of the world but this Lenten season I had already given up 5 separate things and then I added a really really big one last Sunday. I just couldn't do it. I am going strong in the 5 things that I gave up at the start of lent. And really it isn't too bad, it was the big one I added that I just couldn't do.

I find it funny because I know I could do it if I just trust totally in the Lord. And I have been for the other things but for this one, I guess I made my plate over flow. I will do it. I think I will just concentrate on my other sacrifices this time. And when I believe that I am ready, I will try to sacrifice the 'big' thing. I find it sad that I can't put that much faith in the Lord. But I think moreso, I can't put that much faith in myself.

So this week has been a little bit of a faith struggle. Within myself and in the Lord. The Lord is Good and I know he is here for me. I just need to put more trust and faith into Him. I need to put all my worries and burdens on Him. Its just that in life I don't even like to burden others so I feel as though why burden the Almighty. But I know that is what He wants us to do.

Anyway, everyone have an awesome week. Look forward to hearing from you. God bless you!!

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