Tuesday, October 28, 2003


As I was downtown today (see last post for reason), I noticed how just living 15 minutes away makes a huge difference. In Mississauga we don't see homeless people, we don't see 'ghetto areas'. If there are any, I haven't seen them. You see huge skyscrapers and multiculturism. You see that in Mississauga as well. But while I was downtown I felt this overwhelming need for God. I have not felt this pain for the people like I did when I was there today. I really think God was talking to me through my eyes. As I was driving around I saw rich I saw poor I saw greed I saw needy. All I could think of was running into the big buildings screaming give your money to the homeless they are the ones who need it. I kept thinking if only everyone in this city would give $1 each how there would be no homeless people starving or dying from the cold this coming winter. Why do these big rich companies make billions and don't even build one house to help the homeless back on their feet or just to keep them warm and offer showers? We really need to do something about this. I sit here writing this on my nice computer in my warm house, as you are reading this in the same comfort. If only we would give up some comfort for someone else to have just a taste of it.

I know I have to do something. Maybe this has to do with a dream I had awhile ago. I had a dream where this man(who has also dreamt of the poor) and me were helping the poor and they were helping us. There was so many other details in the dream and I think I wrote about it here once but that's not my point. All the way home I cried for the poor in Toronto. I know that isn't going to help them but I couldn't help but think of different ways that maybe I could. I will pray more about this and as God reveals it to me I will reveal it to you.

Its funny because for the last year or so I have been wanting to go into missions and I thought I would have to go overseas and I have been wondering how could I with two children (with their fathers in Ontario). Now I see that I don't have to leave. God just might use me here. Its funny because we always seem to forget about the need in our own country. Its not funny but you know what I mean. Pray for me please.

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