Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Sky!!!

The highlight of my day, I would have to say was my drive to church this evening with my children. Skye asked me to put on some christian music and I did. As we drove on the highway I looked up to the sky. I do this often-as I am fasinated with the majesty and beauty of it. I told Skye to check it out and seriously it was amazing! Skye has such an imagination. She pointed to a patch of sky and described it as a cottage on a hill, with water to its left. The forest surrounding it. And you know what, that is exactly what it looked like! When we used to go up to my Uncle George's house we stayed at the cottage beside his house and the picture Skye had drawn in the sky was a replica. It brought back so many memories. My uncle has past on, but he still lives with us.

I recommend if you don't already to look at the sky daily, more than once. It is like a snowflake-it is never the same twice.

God is truly amazing!!! I look at the earth around me and every time I do, I am in awe at his magnificance!!

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