Tuesday, October 28, 2003


So, I spent the afternoon in downtown Toronto. You don't realize how different Mississauga is compared to Toronto until you are down there. I went to The Hospital for Sick Children. Very famous hospital, I'm sure y'all heard of it before. That place is quite amazing. Reason for going was that Matthew had an appointment to see an eye specialist. Once inside the hospital you would never get the impression it was one. They have this amazing atrium with a big food court. As we made our way toward the Elm Ward, we passed a gift shop, an art studio for the kids, a health food store, a reading room(small library for kids), in the waiting rooms they had Nintendo, Playstation, and your conventional toys. Let me tell you, they do an awesome job making the kids feel comfortable. It was a little extravagant but a lot of children call that place their home.

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