Sunday, October 19, 2003

Experiencing the Father's Embrace

Such a Love

Our journey has taken us throughout the earth
From pain and suffering our love did birth
Yet love did flourish from the shame and tears
Our love remained true all through the years!

What pain can hold back such a love as ours
Not shame, not fear, not even wounded hearts
For our love has conquered every wall
It has fought and grasped for passion's call!

It was your love that brought to me a rest
A love that my pain has put to the test
Yet you endured and gave of your best
Today it is the reason I feel so blessed!

What kind of woman could love as you do?
One who is beautiful, faithful and true
It takes one whose heart is made of pure gold
One whose life will be as a tale that is told!

Your love will be spoke of for ages to come
For it is the kind which lights up the sun
It is full of fire, passion and zeal
A love that is not false but open and heals!

Your love fills my heart with visions and dreams
Faith, hope and love my head has finally seen
Your love has given me reason to live
Your love has caused my heart to want to give!

How could your love be so rich and free?
How could you love such a man as me?
How could your heart be filled with rich desire?
How could you cause me to burn with such fire?

Certainly your love must come from above
How else could you know such a wondrous love
I long to return that love to you one day
With such desire and self sacrifice may I love, I pray!

Oh God, I could never repay what you have done for me
When you gave me her love, so beautiful, so free
Forgive me for all the years that I did blame
As an excuse not to love, because of my pain!

Unmerited favour I received when I first saw her face
Your love, through her, has revealed to me grace
Now I am honoured to call her my wife
I will cherish and care for her all of my life!

I would go through the pain again and again
To experience her love that covered my shame
I would give my life, my wealth, and my fame
To love her and cherish her and give her my name!

Poem taken from 'Experiencing the Father's Embrace' by Jack Frost of Shiloh Place Ministries

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