Saturday, October 18, 2003

Last night.

Last night I went to Melissa's. She was having a little party. A handful of us were there. I have not gone out with friends in such a long time. It was so much fun! Owen brought his guitar and him and Garret jammed. They really are great!! Both with their own uniqueness. Owen tried to teach me a string or two on his guitar, I was hopeless. Until Owen did the cords and I did the strumming and Garret improvised a song. That was too cool. I was still hopeless but it was great!! I got a well needed massage from Garret. Melissa and I wrestled until I felt sick. I have not had any real drink in I'd say at least two years. I had one stupid Smirnoff and less then half a glass of Baileys. I don't plan on doing that again. We watched Owen's short film-he acted in it. Steve was there. He is such a great guy. He is young but I have not seen a guy with such maturity in awhile. Even guys my age don't seem to be as mature as he is and he's just breaking into the twenties. Michelle is just too fun. Vince, although at work we drive eachother nuts, literally, he is alright! Cristina is the nicest girl ever! I met Steph for the first time, although we didn't talk that much she seems really nice. Veena is great too!! We really have to do that again soon.

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