Friday, October 03, 2003

NEVER underestimate the power of prayer! (a must read)

I have a story to tell. We found out last week that my sister, Mary was pregnant. She went to the doctor's and had an ultrasound done. So, the technician tells my sister that everything is fine and she goes home. The next day she gets a call from her family doctor who tells her he needs to see her immediately. So, as she is panicking all day, she finally goes to see him at 5pm. He tells her that she has two babies in her womb. As her and Darcy are getting excited he looks at them intently and says that there is a complication: one egg is up in the uterus and its heart beat is 119(doctor's say it is good if it were between 120-160), he said that it is not a good sign that the egg is so high up as it doesn't give the baby room to grow. He hopes that it will drop soon. Secondly, he said that the other egg is very low in the uterus and does not have a heart beat. So, now both Darcy and Mary are very upset and struggling to comprehend what has just been told of them. My sister goes home and calls mom and me. We all pray. On Friday which is today, my sister was scheduled to have another ultrasound. All week we prayed. Darcy and Mary prayed together, my mom, my dad, me, Skye. My pastor prayed on Sunday for her. Yesterday I fasted. I told my sister that she needed to pray to Jesus, that Jesus is the intercessor to God the Father, she needs Jesus in her heart. (my sister was not saved).

Anyway, my mom called me this morning around 11am and told me that Mary had been in to see the ultrasound technician. Mom said the technician could not understand what the other doctor's were talking about. She said you must be so happy-you are having twins. My sister couldn't understand what she was saying. The technician went on to say that both babies were doing just fine, that their heart beats are normal and its normal when having twins for their heart beat to be a little different.

My sister told me that she had been praying to Jesus and that while she was in the ultrasound room all she did was pray, she asked for salvation, she prayed that her babies would be alright. We all cried together in happiness and joy this beautiful morning when God showed us His love, power and that He does answer prayers!! This truly is a miracle only possible through God in heaven above!!!! I will say it again - NEVER underestimate the power of prayer!!

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