Sunday, November 02, 2003

Jesus speaks in the theatre!!!

Today Melissa, Skye and I went to the theatre. We saw 'The Gospel of John'. I thought it was really well done. I am thinking they might have left out some things but I will have to check my bible first. I am much more familiar with the Gospel of Matthew, so I might just be mixing them up a bit.

Skye said (at the end of the movie) that the movie made her love Jesus more. I was glad that I took her, because she really didn't want to go. She said that 3hrs is too long. But she stuck it through and gained something from it, which was my intentions anyway. :-) God truly is amazing!!!

Some parts in the movie, I actually literally felt as though God was talking to me. Jesus was speaking directly to me. I know He was answering some questions I have been having even some that I didn't directly ask. I am glad that I went. I know Jesus would have answered my questions whether I did or didn't go but He answered and spoke to my heart at the theatre. I am so excited. I could jump up and down and throw my arms up right now. whoa whoo!!!!

I recommend you to go and see it. I plan on going again, to take my sister and my mom.

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