Sunday, November 23, 2003

Stay clear of The Old Spaghetti Factory (Toronto)!!

On Saturday evening my family, seventeen of us, went to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Toronto. We were celebrating my mother turning 50 and my niece turning 16. What we thought would be a great night turned into a disaster. The whole time we were there we had terrible service. The server was pleasant but when you arrive at a restaurant and figure maybe at most you will be there for approx. 2hrs and it turns into 5, you get just a little peeved. Each portion of our dinner took way too long to arrive even the drinks. Seven, yes seven of our entrees were wrong.

The manager was very unprofessional. I, being in the restaurant business and a supervisor, went politely up to the manager to have a little chat regarding our service. We ended up speaking with him on three occasions. He only discounted our 1.49 upcharge for caesar salad, which only a few people had and gave us 3 complimentary meals for next time. Hello!!! Does he really think any of us are going to come again??!! I am sorry but it was suppose to be a fun night and everyone ended up agitated, frustrated and we all left in a not so pleasant mood.

I normally would never do such a thing but I sent a letter to head office. One should not conduct a business this way and I think that they should know. The problem can not be fixed unless we go above the manager who really didn't care too much and only wanted us out. Hello, that was all we wanted!!! :-)

When we arrived home all was well. Our night wasn't completely ruined but 5 hours was unpleasant. Nice to be home. Next time we will just order pizza or something. :-)

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