Tuesday, November 18, 2003

My sister Mary!

For all of you that have been praying for my sister. Your prayers were answered, again in good favour. My sister finally made it home from the hospital on Sunday. Although she is quite weak she is doing well. The twins, are identical twins, and they too are doing just fine. My sister has to take 8 weeks off of work, which she is not looking forward too. She loves work but if she wants to be healthy and have the twins, she has too stay in bed. This really is going to be something. Seeing as my sister doesn't know when to just sit still and now she must for the sake of herself and the babies. Well who cares. Any sacrifice is not too big when it comes to things like this. I guess she will just be stealing all my movies and some books.

Please continue to have her in your prayers. Thank you!!

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