Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Our camping trip.

We're back. We went camping up north at the tip of the Georgian Bay. We stayed at Bruce Peninsula National Park. This place is unbelievably beautiful. The water is so clear, the air so fresh, the stars so amazing. My sister, Mary, her daughters- Jessica and Alyssa, Lisa, Melissa, my children-Skye and Matthew, and of course me went. On Saturday we went on a hike. It took all afternoon - we hiked up to the grotto, climbed down some cliffs, got lost but found our way back, swam - almost drowned. The water was too rough - Melissa asked a snorkler to guide her back to shore-Alyssa and I followed. We hiked back to the campsite were the kids played at the beach. I must say that at times the terrain was a bit rugged. Being with a 2 year old and an 8 year old was hard at times. They did an amazing job though. At times Matthew was having so much fun he was just hoping from one rock to the next. Its amazing how little fear children have.

The next day we went on a boat cruise to see shipwrecks and then hoped on another boat which took us to Flowerpot Island, where we hiked/ventured for the day. On Monday we stayed in town, Tobermory. We checked out shops, stayed at the marina, watched boats, climbed down rocks to see one of the lighthouses, watched scuba divers, and then headed home.

We really had an amazing time. I plan on going back next year. There is just so much to see and not enough time. Melissa and I also hope to get our scuba diving certification early next spring so we can check out the shipwrecks(fourty shipwrecks in the area), and other grotto's only accessible to scuba divers. When I get the pictures back from developing, I will post them. (If I can figure out how too, that is.)

One thing I loved most was that not only was I with those I love dearly, I felt so in touch with God. I did not have to speak to Him to feel His magnificance, I just kept looking around me and being at awe with His creation. I think we too often take advantage of this beautiful country He created for us. I love camping, because it brings me back down to the simple life, enjoying what really matters, no distractions.

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