Monday, September 29, 2003

And so I look like a famous actress!

Apparently everyone thinks I have a remarkable resemblance to a famous actress. A few months ago a co-worker pointed it out. I thought he was just pulling a prank. But last week when I was getting a drink order from a customer he said the exact same thing and instead of getting a drink order that takes two seconds we had this discussion about my 'amazing resemblance'. And so of course I had to ask some of my friends if they saw it too and once I mentioned her name they were like 'Absolutely', 'Oh my goodness, yes', 'Wow, you do look so like her'. And last night my sister had some lady over which I have never seen before and as I was telling my sister about this story the lady interrupted before I could say the actresses name and she said 'Absolutely, the whole time I was sitting here, I was thinking that you look like her'. So, of course I am looking in the mirror and wondering if these people are blind because I don't see it, but can that many people be wrong? So apparently according to everyone but me I look like...Jodie Foster!

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