Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Another dream last night. This is the fourth.

I had another dream last night. This one was closer to home. I was at a beach of some sort. My family-relatives close and not so close were swimming. I came late. As I was about to enter the water the waves became so big, they kept rolling like I've never seen a wave do, I became scared, it looked like it wanted to swallow me. I decided not to go in and instead went into someones house. Which while I was in there looked and felt like my aunt Carol's except if you actually saw her house it does look like that. But anyway, her son still lived there, which he doesn't now. No one was home so I went into Dale's room(her son) and went to sleep. I woke up to noise. My aunt came home with other family members and they were surprised by no one being home. They didn't know I was there until I popped my head out of the room. When they came into the room they asked how could I sleep in a room that smelt like this(it seemed to have smelt like pot)?! I told them I didn't even notice. They asked me where everyone else was and I told them I had no clue. Next thing we heard was a scream. We all ran to see why my cousin was screaming and when we got to the kitchen there was a dead body on the floor. I was in a bit of shock especially because I slept all night in the house and never knew. Then the dream switched and I was going on a long journey and everyone was seeing me off.

This is different then the other dreams as it involved other family members. The other dreams involved a man who I think I am suppose to meet. One involved this man and I helping the homeless with money, food, clothing and they in turn helped us.

Similarities would be death- which occurred in the other dream, once in a symbol - cemetary. Me going in a different direction than I was going. Me being confused. Me being in two different places. Me being scared.

I don't know if it means anything but I find it hard to believe that it doesn't. This is the fourth dream in less than a month and a half. Maybe they don't have a connection, I don't know.

Does anyone have any input? I am quite confused. I think in some way I am to go through something life changing maybe a journey. Leave one place and go to another. I am not sure what death means though. Is someone going to die, or maybe my old self. And I will become renewed. I never got the answer to that one question in my dream, maybe I am not suppose to know it or maybe that is what the journey entales. The confusion and going in all the wrong directions even though I think I am going the right way is most definitely a sign. Maybe of my life right now.

Does anyone know how to interpret dreams? Does this even make sense?

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