Friday, September 12, 2003


Today was a most excellent day. I woke up this morning still wanting more sleep. Got Skye off to school, tickle tortured Matthew, helped him clean up his mess (from days ago), read him a book, had a really nice hot shower, got ready for work, saw Matthew off (Grandma took him for the day), on the way to work listened to worship music, during my break read my bible, had a great conversation about the bible with Koree, witnessed with Vince, had a good venting conversation with Melissa re: yesterday's lovely events, had a good day at work, listened to worship music all the way home, been high on the spirit, fully in love with God, wanting much more. This is fantastic. I have not felt so intuned in a while. I guess when you really make a consorted effort to dive into a relationship with God, things just seem to get in order. Its not always fun but always worth it. Wow, I'm so in love!!!! My heart is burning and I don't want the fire to burn out. I can not express really how happy and grateful and amazed and excited and everything I feel right now. I wish you too could feel it. Wow!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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