Sunday, September 21, 2003

Keith Urban.

Pamela and I went to the Keith Urban concert last night at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton. It was absolutely amazing. He started the concert with his new song 'Who wouldn't want to be me', which of course just rocked the stadium. He is not only an amazing singer/songwriter, he plays the guitar like a god(so to speak) and he is completely sexy. Wow!! We had pretty good seats, but half way through the concert Keith Urban encouraged us to come down in front of the stage and of course Pam and I did. We ended up right in the front. Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Jimmie Rankin performed as well. At the end of the concert they stayed in front of the stage for autographs. I don't care what you all think of country music but going to one of these concerts is so different than any other concert I've ever been too. It was intimate, they had fan interaction, autographs etc.. Something about these artists that other big stars don't have. They seem to genuinely care about their audience and take the time for them. It was amazing. When we got back to Pam's house we couldn't even sleep, we were so high from the energy at the concert. Pam got CDJ's and Jimmie Rankin's autograph and I got one of Keith Urban's guitar picks. I know that it doesn't mean much and they will probably sit in a drawer but it was pretty cool last night. I can't wait til he returns for another concert.

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