Sunday, September 14, 2003

A great weekend!

This weekend was pretty busy, which I love. So much running around for Skye's party which was yesterday. Had a great barbeque. Weather was fantastic. I got to spend time with my sister, Mary, which was great. I haven't seen her much lately. While I was doing the dishes, the lucky ones in the living room where playing with balloons. That being my parents, Alyssa-my neice, Darcy-my sis's boyfriend, and Skye. It was however quite fun listening to them laugh and jump and having a blast. I bought some new fish to put in my fish tank so last night I cleaned out the tank, replaced the gravel and put live plants and such in it. It was pretty gross. So, as everyone was waiting for me so we could play some cards, I regretfully told them to start without me. Which truthfully, really sucked. I love when family comes over and we all sit at the table and play cards or a board game. I definitely didn't plan that very well. My fish tank looks amazing though.

My mom has been bugging me for some time to make her a cd. I thought that I had but she let me know this weekend that it was just not so. So tonight I have been putting together a collection of worship songs for it. This really is a great thing seeing as my mom is not a christian, yet! I am hoping that with the cd will bring about her desire to follow the Lord. I'm not saying that this will happen but the Lord works in mysterious ways. It is fantastic that she wants a christian cd. She doesn't want only one either. She wants a praise and worship and a soaking cd. She confessed tonight to me that she got up today and got ready to come to church with me. I didn't even notice. She said she wanted to come but pulled back at the last second. She actually said that she is thinking about joining me next week. May the Lord work in her heart this week and bring her to a place where she will joyfully praise Him and seek more of Him.

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