Saturday, April 24, 2004

A trip......Somewhere.

I just found out that Jason wants to take Matthew for 2 weeks in the summer and although I don't want him to be gone for so long I trust that he will be fine seeing as they did the same thing 2 years ago. This year they are going to a big family reunion in Newfoundland. I know Matthew will love it especially 'cause Jason's grandparents live on a farm. What's more exciting to a kid whose 3 besides horses and cows and chickens.

I will have Skye for two weeks all by ourselves and I was thinking I could take her on a trip, just the two of us. She really wants to fly in a plane, seeing as she has never done so. I told her not to worry because even I, at the lovely age of 27 still have not even been on a plane. So, where should we go? I was thinking of going some place tropical but its going to be really hot here. (Jason is taking Matthew during the last two weeks in July.) Then I thought maybe we could go camping, but that doesn't require a plane. Then I thought I could take her to BC to see the whales and the mountains. Then I thought maybe we could go to the NWT (but when I checked that out, it was extremely pricey. My problem with taking Skye somewhere is that Matthew misses out on whatever we chose to do. But then he is having his own fun, we shouldn't miss out on a mother/daughter bonding trip either. Do any of you have any ideas where we should head to?

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