Thursday, April 15, 2004

Parent-teacher interviews.

Parent-teacher interviews were today. Shawn couldn't make it so Skye and I went. I think it went pretty well. We realize that Skye has organizational and time management problems. I think she has had them through out her school life. She seems to not be able to focus at school unless it has to do with music or art. Mostly because she loves doing those two things. She is an extremely smart girl and for the longest time I thought that she was just bored and then I thought maybe she might have a real problem. She was tested and she is totally fine and teachers say she is so bright. My problem is how do you motivate someone with so much potential to actually smarten up and do their work.

Last month she had two projects to hand in. I didn't even find out about them until two weeks after they were already due. Once I found that out she finished them quickly and she had fun doing them. I really hope that it helped her. Its sounds funny by me saying that but seriously, I think she didn't want to do them because she thought that they were stupid projects and wouldn't be any fun. She enjoyed them. One of the projects she had to do was on the Northwest Territories. She actually wants to go there now. So do I. It truly is beautiful. That will definitely be a vacationing spot for us in the future.

She actually gave me a heads up for a new project that is due in two weeks. Maybe she is coming around. Sometimes it just takes perserverance and making homework fun. I just pray that this was the turn around for her. She has too much potential to just waste it away because she'd rather be playing.

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