Thursday, April 08, 2004

The sun is shining.

Yesterday played an interesting day on my heart. I felt something that I have not felt before. Its weird but my heart fluttered for a customer. But not just any customer, an older customer. I wish I could say he said all the right words or something but he didn't. Every time he said my name or asked me something I was dumbfounded. That has never happened. It was so weird. And he must have been about 40. I think I am going insane. :-) But I must admit it was nice to feel something again even if it was whacked. :-)

And today I was hit on by a group of good looking guys. One even offered to take me to a playoff game if he won tickets. (we have a contest that if you use your mastercard to pay for your meal you get two chances to win NHL playoff tickets.) And at another table a guy left his number on the table with a coupon to an AMC movie theatre. I don't know what is going on and I didn't do anything special to myself today. Actually, my hair was up and I wore that uniform that we all love to wear at BP. (sarcastically speaking)

I just find this all strange seeing as this never happens to me. But it was nice even if it doesn't happen again. And the sun is shining. I think I will take a nice walk this evening with my rugrats! :-)

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