Sunday, September 12, 2004

This past weekend.

This weekend has been very tiring for me. I worked too many hours but made a good amount of money. And today was our baseball playoffs(we lost because of a very controversial call by the other team). So I didn't get any rest on my day off. :-( I actually just got in 'cause after the game, the team went back to BP and grabbed a bite and drink. Played some pool and foosball. Brought me back to the college years. Oh, the memories. :-)

I hit a car on the way out of the parking lot at work on Friday night. So most of the money that I made will probably go into his car. There wasn't very much damage seeing as I was only doing 20kms if that. But because it is his mom's car, who knows what will happen. He hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Last night, even though I was exhausted and my feet were burning, my friends and I went Country Line Dancing at Nashville North. It was so much fun. We didn't really know how too but trying to learn was a lot of fun. And after 1am they had regular club music on. So we had the best of both worlds.

Tonight I am just going to chill on the couch. Stay off my feet and get some rest.

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