Sunday, September 19, 2004

The flea market.

Today I went to the flea market. I haven't gone in what feels like years but when my parents invited me along, I just had to go. I spent way more money then I was hoping but I got this really cool sword set. I have said before about my fascination with Samurai, well today I saw these really, really neat Samurai swords. It came in a set of three. Their handles had a dragons head on it and when you took the swords out of the sleeve there was a carving of a dragon on the blade. The symbol for dragon which looks sort of like the mathematical number of pie, was also engraved on the blade. I was born in the year of the dragon. I have always wanted to collect swords. So, today I started my collection. It really is bad because sword collecting can be very costly. But I don't really buy things for myself except movies, so I don't feel too guilty for doing it. :-)

I also bought Skye a charm bracelet and two charms. I couldn't really find anything for Matthew though. He didn't seem to mind. But when you buy for one and not the other, you feel bad.

I can't stop taking the swords out of their sleeve. They really are very cool. Now I just have to find a high enough place to display them so the little kiddies won't touch them. They are pretty fascinated with them too.

My parents got some really good deals too. They bought two huge pictures for the living room/dining room for only $225. In stores they would run you up to $400 and they go perfectly with the rooms. My mom also finally got a canister set for the kitchen. She has been looking for a really nice one for awhile now, and she finally got one. My aunt and uncle bought Toronto Maple Leaf track suits 2 for $50. They talked the guy down. In regular stores they would run you up to at least $80-100 or more. My brother got one too.

All in all it was a good day: too much buying, too much stuff, but really good deals that we couldn't pass up. We didn't even get through the whole flea market either. Oh, no we'll have to go on another trip!!! :-)

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