Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Skye!!

Today at exactly 4:20pm Skye was born ten years ago. I can not believe that ten years have flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was teaching her the alphabet. We (as in Skye, Matthew and I) watched the video of her birth this morning. It brought back so many memories of Shawn, Skye and I. It was both exciting and a little bit sad for both of us. Matthew was a little upset because I don't have a video of his birth. Try explaining why to a three year old. :-) Anyway, Skye just left. She is having lunch with her father before he heads to work. My sister and family are coming over today for a bbq, cake and of course presents. Skye hasn't stopped bugging since she found out I already had her presents. She did really well this year.

Tonight is going to be busy. Not only are we having birthday celebrations but tomorrow we are going camping. So, tonight we must pack and get ready for it. The kids are excited, so am I. We are going approximately one hour from Parry Sound. So, it will take us close to 4hrs to get to our destination. Long drive with two kids, but well worth it.


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