Sunday, September 05, 2004

Our last camping trip of the season!

We are back from our camping trip. The last one of the year. We trekked up to Grundy Lake Provincial Park - which is actually only about 40mins north of Parry Sound. It was a beautiful park. We went on two trails. One was the Beaver Dam Trail which was 4kms long. We did not see any beaver dams or beavers but we did see some frogs and turtles. It was a bit too long for Matthew. But he survived it. Although Skye and my ears were hurting a bit from the whining. :-) The other trail was the Swan Lake Trail. The park actually has two swans visit them every summer. We didn't get lucky enough to see them though. This trail was only 1.5kms long, so Matthew was happy. The beach was beautiful. And they had a raft that you could swim too. Which made swimming a lot more fun for all of us. On the second day Matthew finally jumped off the raft. He was too afraid on Friday. But after I threw him in he was too excited not to jump off. He was more excited that he could swim and stay above the water. (He thought he would drown even though he wore a life jacket. :-) But he is over the fear and happy to jump in the water. Although we had a good time, we were all happy to see the Welcome to Toronto sign. I think we are all camped out. Luckily we don't have to think about camping until next season. For now it's books and school.

Going away really clears your head sometimes. Looking up at the big cluster of stars and smelling the wood on fire really does something to me. I love it. And I couldn't help but clear up some thoughts that were clouding my head. I do know that I write sometimes in this blog without first thinking it through and jump to conclusions, sometimes more then once. I wish I could erase the last few entries because most of the thoughts were jumbled but what is the point now seeing as they have been up for a week and most likely everyone has seen them. God and I spent some time together. It's really great when He takes away some of the clouds. Things really are looking a bit clearer and I am ready to take the next step that He has shown me. It's funny because at first I was excited and then fear took hold, like always, and now I am going to push through the fear. I am ready to step out into the unknown, I am still afraid but so was Moses when we approached the Pharoah. And what He has shown me isn't half as scary.

Oh, and pictures will be up shortly.

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