Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The first few days of school.

Matthew's first day of Junior Kindergarten was on Monday. It's funny because you don't want your kids to cry and make a fuss about leaving mommy but when they don't you are so sad. All Matthew wanted me to do was walk him to the door. Parents are not allowed to do that, we are only allowed to drop them off at the gate to the playground. I think that because the teacher was there to take his hand and talk to him about painting, he was fine. I am glad he was fine. But this morning he didn't want to leave my side. He followed me around the whole gated area and stayed with me until the teacher brought them all inside. It actually bothered me more today than it did on Monday. I almost cried today. I almost did on Monday but it took so much more to hold 'em back. I know it will get easier for both of us.

And yesterday my brother went to pick up Skye from school and got lost. He left the house at 3:10pm and the school called at 3:50pm wondering where we were. Jessica and I rushed out the door, picked up Skye, explained to the principal what was suppose to happen today and then rushed out to look for Harry. It really was scary.

Although my brother is 31, his brain does not function like a 31 yr old. Because there was complications during the pregnancy and he was 3mos early he is mentally slow. He does carry a normal conversation and he knows direction if showed a bunch of times. Some of my friends have asked me if we are sure he is slow. He can tell you any facts or figures of sports from any year. But for him to get lost is terrifying. So we went up and down streets and finally at 4:20pm we found him. I think instead of crossing the street he turned left. And threw off his sense of direction. So for the next couple of weeks we will be walking together again until he really gets it down packed. The only real reason I want him to know how to get to her school was in case of emergency and if I am running late at school/work. Also, he feels really good about having responsibility. He'll get it, I just have to change the way I've been teaching him.

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