Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First day of school jitters.

Skye's first day back to school was today. This year she went to a new school and when we arrived, even last night, she was so nervous. I can recall the first day of school. Every year I would get major butterflies in my stomach and not want to go. Of course I went and everything was fine. When I finally left her in her classroom she had this terrified look on her face. I was anxious to know how her day panned out. She made some new friends (as I knew she would) and she likes her teacher. Hopefully this is a good start to her grade five experience.

Matthew has his first meeting with his teacher on Thursday morning. Monday is the day that he officially starts junior kindergarten. I really hope he will be ok. I really hope I'm ok.

They really are growing up too too fast. Where does the time go?

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