Thursday, September 09, 2004


Went out with Melissa last night. I haven't seen her since our rafting trip. It was so great to chat with her. I had lots of fun. We also saw 'Collateral' starring Tom Cruise. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. I do think Tom Cruise is very talented but this movie didn't do anything for me. Melissa enjoyed it, but I guess because I am a movie freak :-) I analyzed it to death. There were just way too many holes in the story and it was too unbelievably stupid. The acting especially by Jada Pinkett Smith impressed me. I have never really been fond of her but in this movie she showed me something she hasn't before, which is her talent. That was harsh but I am just being honest here. If you are just going to see it because you like action/drama type movies then I guess you'll enjoy it like Melissa did. But she did say that after I had mentioned all the things that bothered me about it, she couldn't help but agree with me. Like I said the acting was good but that was about it. Had potential, had the budget but like always Hollywood looked over way too many things.

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